Atlas Pony Podcast Episode 126: The Last Episode

You’re probably realizing, as you read this, that this is not in Swedish. Here’s why:

If Skäggkast had a little brother, that brother would be Atlas Pony Podcast. Pony has guested us many times (as recent as last week), and we all got a chance to be guests on one of their episodes a few years back. With that, I think it’s best they explain what’s going on in their own words:

Dear Listeners. Due to circumstances in our lives we are forced to put the podcast on an indefinite hiatus. It has been a joy to do this and we are glad you have been with us. We want to extend a huge ‘Thank You’ to our friends at Skäggkast who let us release this “last” episode on their stream. Thank You! In this episode Atlas brings you songs in the key of summer-clothing and Pony finally talks about his favourite film of all time!

Enjoy and thank you so much. One!
Atlas & Pony

Lanzerot – Cool Pants Aksu Orkestraasi – Bermuda Seytan Ucgeni Arctic Monkeys – Knee Socks Andre 3000 feat. Sleepy Brown & Big Boi – So fresh and so clean

Citizen Kane, 1941, Orson Welles
Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten, Dorothy Comingore

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